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10 Days That Shook The World by John Reed Bristol

10 Days That Shook The World by John Reed Bristol:

A theatre-cabaret adaptation of John Reed’s 10 Days That Shook The World, will be playing in Bristol this summer.

Thereby Hangs A Tale, will be bringing the show to the The Room Above, which is in The White Bear on St Michael’s Hill in Bristol.

The performance fuses music with drama, protest songs with satire and magic tricks. It is performed by a company of Bath and Wiltshire actors and musicians.

It’s Russia in 1917 and American writers, John Reed and Louise Bryant find themselves in Petrograd on the eve of a revolution. Through a packed 60 minutes, they rub shoulders with Trotsky and Lenin, stumble through debates and near-death experiences and discover what they’re willing to sacrifice for their beliefs.

10 Days That Shook The World will be running on Friday 19 July at 7.30pm, with ticket prices pay-what-you-will.

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