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A Russian Doll Barn Theatre May – June 2021

The world premiere of a new play – A Russian Doll – will be running at the Barn Theatre in Cirencester from next month. It will be the first live show taking place at the theatre since it was forced to reclose the doors during a festive run of Peter Pan.

The show is a coproduction between the theatre and the Arcola Theatre in London. It will premiere at the Barn Theatre ahead of a London transfer.

The new play by Cat Goscovitch, is based on a the true story of Masha, who becomes caught in the world Russia’s disinformation campaigns during the EU referendum.

It will be directed by Nicolas Kent, with design by Liz Da Costa, lighting by Sam Rowcliffe-Tanner, sound and composition by Harry Smith and AV design by Benjamin Collins.

Goscovitch says: “The EU referendum was a moment that changed the history of the United Kingdom forever. In writing this play, I wanted to explore what role Russian disinformation played in influencing the vote and how it impacted not just our political lives but also our personal. How does a click become a vote? What does it mean to take someone down the rabbit hole? And will we ever come back?”.

A Russian Doll will be running at Barn Theatre from 18 May – 13 June 2021 with tickets on sale now.

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