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Bristol Interactive Theatre for Children Select a Quest

Interactive Online Theatre Experience For Children

Retro choose your own adventure Select A Quest, is an online theatrical experience for children aged around six years up. Youngsters can immerse themselves in a 70’s set story at Quest Camp to find Captain’s Jenny’s whistle. Along the way, they will meet a host of entertaining characters as they choose which way to go or what decision to make.

The work was created in 72 hours by Olivier-nominated Pins and Needles Productions and written by Bea Roberts. The production was made during lockdown, involving the cast having to create their own costumes and props from around their home.

The result is an entertaining production, which will take children on multiple journeys within the same show.

“This period of social distancing has seen people respond in extraordinarily diverse, creative ways, using arts and culture to provide a much-needed sense of release and community,” Emma Earle, Co-Artistic Director at Pins and Needles Productions said.

“We decided to make Select A Quest to give both our audience and our community of artists an opportunity to be involved in something playful and positive in such a challenging time. The idea to complete the project in only 72 hours was a way of freeing us all from the long lead times we are used to following in making new work. In only 2 days, Bea Roberts turned around a mind-bendingly brilliant script which the talented cast then interpreted in their various lockdown environments, coming up with inspired sets and costumes, learning lines and recording the films. On the final day, we pieced it all together with Jack Drewry, our composer, laying down original music tailored to the 27 different vignettes. The result, deliberately low-fi yet highly theatrical, is brimming with heart, silliness and humanity. All these faces, each with their own story, taking us into an alternative space and reminding us how imaginative people can be.”

Pins and Needles Productions are the team behind the Little Mermaid and fabulous Scarlet Pimpernel at the egg in Bath. It’s the third time they’ve collaborated with Select A Quest and Bea Roberts, with funding coming from the Arts Council England Emergency Fund.

To take part in the online theatre, visit:

Writer: Bea Roberts
Composer: Jack Drewry
Director: Emma Earle
Editor: Lee Rayner
Art Director: Zoe Squire
Illustrator: lina Kuula
Marketing: Alice Massey and Keshyn Squire
Produced by Pins and Needles Productions

Alison Fitzjohn
Caroline Garland
Robin Hemmings
Harry Humberstone
Timothy O’Hara
Roxanne Palmer
Jessica Temple
Anna Wheatley
Simon Yadoo