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Bristol Music Trust to Keep Vocal and Orchestral Scores in City After Campaign

Bristol Music Campaigners Save Scores from Library Cuts

Fears that Bristol was to lose a huge collection of music and scores were allayed this Easter after cost-cutting proposals would have seen it moved to libraries outside of the city.

Campaigners had been keen to keep Bristol’s collection of 900 vocal sets and 331 orchestral sets.

Now an agreement between Bristol Music Trust and Bristol’s Library Service will see the sets moved to the Bristol Plays Music hub in Southmead.

There are currently 29 groups registered to use the music, but it is hoped that moving it to the Southmead Music Hub will make it available to more people, including music students and children.

Chief Executive of Making Music, Barbara Eifler who led the campaign to keep the music sets available for public loan said: “We are delighted that the Bristol music sets will be looked after and made available to community music groups by Bristol Plays Music. Users of the service have been very concerned about the future of the collection and will be reassured that its future remains in Bristol. Undoubtedly they will be keen to support Bristol Plays Music with the transition in practical ways.

“These resources are of great value to choirs, orchestras and bands which are volunteer-led and unfunded, and yet have such a significant impact on the individuals who take part as well as the communities they operate in. Affordable and local material to support their music-making is essential to their sustainability. Making Music is very pleased that Bristol Plays Music is so supportive of life-long music participation.”

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