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Bristol Unicornfest Comes To Propyard For Farewell Festival

  • All unicorns on the Bristol Unicornfest come together for the Farewell Festival at Propyard

The Bristol Unicornfest Farewell Festival has launched at Propyard, uniting all the unicorns who have been part of the summer arts trail this year.

Restored back to their original condition, the unicorns have been arranged in rows both indoors and outside. The weekend will offer visitors a chance to see them one more time – and catch up with any they may have missed.

Zack Pemberton-Whiteley of Leukaemia Care CEO said: “We’ve truly had such a magical summer in Bristol. Our unicorns have been scanned over 150,000 times by visitors coming from Germany to the USA. We’re incredibly proud to see people travelling from all over the world to come see all 60.”

The Bristol Unicornfest Farewell Festival will be taking place only this weekend ahead of the horses being auctioned off for charity Leukaemia Care in October.

You can find out more about the event taking place and buy tickets here:

Photos: Mister Smith
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