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Bristol University A Midsummer Night’s Dream

University Shakespeare Society brings classic play to the stage with 2023 twists

Bristol University’s Shakespeare Society, is staging A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Island Galleries in Bristol this month.

Co-Directed by Amelie Peters and Noah Robinson, the production is interpreted through a Queer lens and with gender twists on the traditional roles.

Described as a ‘bold’ and ‘electric’ re-telling of the classic play, audiences can immerse themselves in the enchanted fairy kingdom where the lines between reality and illusion begin to blur.

The University of Bristol’s Shakespeare Society says: ‘By reversing the lines of Titania-Oberon and Hipployta-Thesus, the play centres a critical examination of gender politics and the power and influence we associate with it. This version also casts a woman in the role of Lysander, turning the original rebellion against Athens into a wider resistance to the pressures of hetronormative and societal standards.’

A Midsummer Night’s Dream will be at The Island Gallery from 14 – 16 December 2023

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