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Chopsy Blog: Celebrating Father’s Day for single mums

Celebrating Fathers’ Day doesn’t have to be an evil, for single mums. There are several ways to get around it, even more so if the child’s father is not part of their life.

I fully embraced Fathers’ Day. I spent the Saturday night the evening before treating myself to a night at the theatre. Well, no one else was going to do it, so there was no point wallowing like a martyr. I had a delightful evening of peace throwing myself into John Owen Jones’ Phantom at the Bristol Hippodrome for the third and final time.

I just can’t believe the cast of this show. It is amazing. There is not one weak link anywhere. And hats off to Katie Hall, whose Christine Daae is sublime.


So Sunday, the day itself was spent between running to swimming lessons and a party. Somewhere in the middle, there was time to cook up the Mutt’s nuts of breakfasts. All the ingredients are from Aldi. There is no way this shop should be thought of as cheap or bargain. This was the finest breakfast available to humanity.

Father’s Day was a success. Cards were made for Grandad and there was no weeping and wailing about the lack of a father being around. That’s because single mothers are generally, pretty brilliant.