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Clown Sex Comes To The Wardrobe Theatre In March

Natasha Sutton Williams’ show comes to the Old Market venue this March

Clown Sex is a piece of anarchic physical theatre, comedy and performance art which delves into social and sexual taboos through three tales.

Gary Strange has moved into the London sewers due to the cost of living crisis. This means he can eavesdrop on his high-rise neighbours through their drainpipes and plugholes.

Gary is hungry for human connection, in the process hearing stories of everything from plain bad sex to clown sex.

Described as ‘funny, grotesque and suprisingly relatable’ expect everything from garlic-flavoured nipples to cat cunnilingus. With dark and disturbing themes alongside charming moments and cheeky humour, the show promises to spark both cerebral and emotional reactions.

Clown Sex has been created by writer and actor Natasha Sutton Williams. She’s a queer and Disabled artist and one half of arts company Working Birthday, alongside producer Steph Weller.

Clown Sex will be on at The Wardrobe Theatre from 05 – 09 March 2024

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Photography: Rowan Spray
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