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Stan’s Cafe Theatre brings the story of Trevor Prince to the south Bristol theatre with Community Service

Community Service will be coming to Tobacco Factory Theatres this April. It’s a brand new ‘gospel-powered’ production inspired by real-life Black Police Officer and gospel guitarist Trevor Prince.

Set in the backdrop of Thatcher’s Britain, Prince was one of the first Black police officers in the West Midlands. Not only facing deep divisions on the streets as well as at work, he found cracks appearing in his own Pentecostal Church between generations. Young people are beginning to rebel against the strict rules of their immigrant parents.

As his band gains momentum in the music world, it seems everyone is now turning to him for advice.

The show is devised and performed by Reisz Amos, Yasmin Dawes, Kianyah Caesar-Downer and Dominic Thompson.

“I’m both excited and honoured to be involved in this piece,” Reisz said.

“As a member of the Black creative workforce I feel it is vital to see ourselves, our battles, our losses, our resilience and our triumphs, reflected on stage, and coming from authentic voices!”

Artistic Director is James Yarke with direction by Reisz Amos and Paul Steadman. Ray Prince, younger brother of Trevor – who died in 2019 – provides gospel consultation on the show.

Paul adds: “To have Trevor Prince’s younger brother Ray be touched by our show Precious Emily – which was about Black weightlifters Precious McKenzie and Emily Campbell – and bring us his brother’s story was very flattering. Trevor’s life has inspired us to make a show that is about duty, and loyalty, and the law, and identity, and community, and music, and police – it’s very rich!”

Community Service will be at Tobacco Factory Theatres from Tuesday 23 to Saturday 27 April 2024.

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Cast and Creatives
Devised and performed by: Reisz Amos, Yasmin Dawes, Kianyah Caesar-Downer, Dominic Thompson
Video: Michael Ellis
Lighting: Nigel Edwards
Costumes: Jhalesa Hewitt with Kay Wilton
Directed by: Reisz Amos, Paul Steadman and James Yarker
Gospel Consultant: Ray Prince
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