Dinosaur World Live Bristol Hippodrome Review

Dinosaur World Live
Bristol Hippodrome
Friday 29 June 2018 at 4.30pm

Bristol Hippodrome auditorium
View of the stage from Stalls AA 07. Ticket price £14 before booking fees.

Dinosaur World Live at The Bristol Hippodrome, was a spur of the moment last minute booking – the ability to do this is about the only bonus of living in central Bristol.

Surprisingly, it was a fairly entertaining show. It runs at about 50 minutes long, which is ideal for youngsters getting their first taste of theatre.

It’s a Jurassic Park version of War Horse, with some nice puppetry featuring full sized dinosaurs and a string of Shakespeare references along the way.

“That’s from The Tempest,” my seven year old stated loudly, making us look far more middle class than we deserve.

The show is ideal for children aged around three years upwards and perhaps to around age 12 years. To be honest, I completely missed all the dinosaur information and facts, because life sized puppet dinosaurs on stage was far too exciting.

Highlight of the show was the moment we’d all been waiting for – The T Rex. It genuinely was a Wow Moment. It’s huge, and as it peered out of the stage and surveyed the audience, you get a sense of how incredibly impressive these creatures must have been.

One more dinosaur in the show would have been perfect, and might we suggest the velociraptor? Otherwise, this show works really well. It’s snappy, to the point, highly entertaining and doesn’t over complicate the subject matter.


For more information, visit: http://dinosaurworldlive.com


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