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Doctor Who and Torchwood Filming Locations in Cardiff

If you’ve exhausted your cultural options in Bristol, then Cardiff is a fun place to go if you fancy a bit of Doctor Who sightseeing.

No matter where you are in the centre of the city, you are never more than a few yards from where a Weeping Angel stands watching, an Adipose ship hovered or autons caused chaos in a shopping centre.

Cardiff is really easy to get to from Bristol, with Cardiff Central railway station being right in the heart of the city and the train journey being around 45 minutes.

Plenty of filming has also taken place in Newport, if you fancy a stop off on the way.

There are a lot of options and maps online if you need some help identifying locations.

We double checked Doctor Who Locations which although is from the earlier seasons of the Russell T Davies reboot were the ones we wanted to see the most.

Cardiff Bay, which is the heart of Torchwood, is a 25 minute walk from the centre of Cardiff, or you can get Bay Car 6 there directly. For those with mobility difficulties, there are always plenty of taxis outside of Cardiff Central.

Doctor Who filming locations Cardiff
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