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Finding Melania at The Wardrobe Theatre Bristol

Playing at The Wardrobe Theatre in Bristol this week is Finding Melania, a show merging dark clowning with absurdist comedy in this one woman show exploring behind Melania Trump’s glamorous facade.

What if the Trumps never left the White House but are secretly hiding in hidden chambers in the belly of the building in the belief that one day they would return?

Melania is happy to tell all to her audience, ready to live out her memories, dreams and fantasies in this exploration of the fascination and lure of masculine power – and the women who submit all.

The one-hour show is suitable for audiences aged over 14 years.

Finding Melania will be at The Wardrobe Theatre on 22 and 23 June 2023

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Cast and Creatives
Conceived & Performed by: Denise Stephenson
Direction & Dramaturg: Sarah Calver
Production Design: Sarah Calver and Evie Fehilly
Sound Design: Nicola T. Chang 張彤
Stage Management: Sam Campbell
Graphic Design: Émilie Chen and Louise Richardson
Images & Media: Jack Parker and Alexander Shafiq ﻖْﻴِﻔَﺷ Stagg
Produced by:Ellandar Productions, Iskandar رﺪﻨﻜﺳا R. bin, Sharazuddin and Mingyu Lin 林铭宇