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Free Fish and Chips in Bristol with Santander’s Phish and Chips Van

Santander will be giving out free fish and chips in Bristol as part of a nationwide tour to stop people falling victim to fraud.

The Phish and Chips van will accept phishing emails and smishing tests as payment for food.

The van will be in Bristol on Saturday 21 October 2017 on St Augustine’s Parade – Outside the Bristol Hippodrome -from 12-3pm.

Santander’s research has found that 74 per cent of people in the UK have been targeted by scammers totalling an estimated 600 million attempts in total. The Santander van is aiming to help raise awareness about the techniques being used to help stop people becoming a victim.

To get your free portion on the day, print out or show your scam on smartphone or tablet. For those unable to do this, you will be able to take a short quiz instead. You can choose fish and chips or battered halloumi and chips

In addition to dishing out fish and chips, Santander UK is serving up its top tips and advice on avoiding becoming a victim of phishing scams:

– Never share your Santander One Time Passcode (OTP), PIN number or online banking password with another person, not even Santander staff;

– Never download software or let anyone log on to your computer devices remotely during or after a cold call; and

– Never enter your online banking details after clicking on a link in an email or text message.


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