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Hansel & Gretel at The Wardrobe Theatre Old Market Bristol

Rose and her brother Ollie are going on an adventure. A big adventure. As big as the ones in storybooks. Bigger. They’re going to wrestle bears. They’re going to climb mountains. They’re going to stay out after dark. And they’re not going home until they find a house that’s huge, scary and covered in chocolate buttons.

With a rucksack stuffed with Hula Hoops and very little sense of direction, follow brother and sister as they journey deeper and deeper into the forest in search of the Gingerbread House and the kind of adventure they’ve only ever read about in stories. Climb into the walking boots of adventurers past. Watch the forest come alive in front of your eyes. As they get loster and loster, what will they find?

Hansel & Gretel is a fast and funny treat for the whole family this Half Term. Featuring live music, suitable for ages 4 years upwards

Tuesday 31 May until Sunday 05 June 2016

Tickets from £6