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Haunt, Pray, Love at Alma Tavern Theatre Bristol

Laughs, live music, warm messages and ghosts are what brand show – Haunt, Pray, Love – is all about.

The dark comedy, backed with live music, is the first piece of work created by brand new Bristol company Eat The Wolf.

Gary is about to have his afterlife rocked by the arrival of Claire, who comes crashing into his private purgatory. Though Gary is pleased to finally have ‘human’ interaction, Claire isn’t ‘going ghost’ without a fight, demanding a return to the land of the living.

Haunt, Pray, Love will be at the Alma Tavern Theatre from 19 – 21 September 2023.

For more information or to book, visit:

Chloe Thurlow
James Nicolas Joseph Locke
Joe Topping
Safah El Gadi
Josh Whisson
Nina Sawicka
Flossie Ure
Jack Orozco Morrison
Jacob Aldcroft
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