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He Wears It Well At The Alma Tavern Theatre This July

Pin Theatre Collective performs India Rodgers’ He Wears It Well at the Alma Tavern Theatre in Clifton this July.

Archie and Stephen are a queer couple who both work in traditionally male environments. Archie, an internationally renowned football player, is now the new star of a football game that his developer partner has created.

Feeling boxed into a stereotype, the pair explore how heteronormativity influences the dynamics in their new relationship. Which parts of them are performative? And which parts are true?

Through self discovery, they must decide decided how to live their lives. As the true them, or behind the heteronormative assumptions of others.

The show, which has been written by India Rodgers and directed by Phoebe Mulcahy, will be in Bristol before it runs at this year’s Edinburgh Festival.

He Wears It Well will be at the Alma Tavern Theatre on 09 and 10 July 2023

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