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Healing King Herod The Wardrobe Theatre Bristol

Drag king show Healing King Herod, will be at The Wardrobe Theatre for a five-night run this October, promising to be a ‘comedy extravaganza’ like no other.

When you think Herod, you think Bible baddy. Or that beautifully bonkers scene from Nativity.

This time, King Herod, the king behind Massacre of the Innocents, is running a pyramid scheme on self-development.

Performed by Riss Oblensky with direction by Eloïse Poulton, this is also a show where the audience is very much in the thick of the action. From ancient soldiers through to group therapy participants.

Told through political parodies, clowning and improvised songs, there is a message of male accountability at its heart.

Healing King Herod will be at The Wardrobe Theatre from 10 Oct 2023 – 14 Oct 2023

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