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Jack Dean and Company Come to Theatre Shop Clevedon

Jack Dean & Company, are coming to the Theatre Shop Clevedon as part of a south west tour with Hero & Leander (Or, I Love You, But Everything’s Underwater).

The performance is described as a ‘gig-theatre show’ based on the Ancient Greek myth of star-crossed lovers caught on different sides of the sea, fighting to be together. Vengeful God Hephaestus is determined to keep the pair from coming together.

Photographs by Chelsey Cliff

“Hero and Leander is an old, bittersweet story about love, death and the infinite mystery of the sea, ” Jack Dean explains.

“We filled the score out with sea shanties, lush indie orchestration and melodic folk. It’s kind of an ode to a disappeared England, and I also think it will speak to anyone who’s done something a bit daft and over-the-top for someone they loved when they were young. We’re bringing it out on the road again to see who wants to sing, dance and cry with us this year.”

Jack is a poet, playwright and performer, composing work themed with myth and history through modern technology.

The company is disabled-led as well as artist-owned and non-profit, aiming to tell stories of how things could be.

Hero & Leander (Or, I Love You, But Everything’s Underwater) will be at the Theatre Shop in Clevedon on Satuday 17 June 2023

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Written by Jack Dean
Composed by Jack Dean & Company
Guitars / Vocals / Percussion– Jack Dean
Vocals / percussion – Siân Keen
Cello / Vocals / Percussion – Beatrice Newman
Violin / Vocals / Percussion – Katy Rowe
Violin / Vocals / Percussion – Katy Rowe
Trumpet / Guitars / Vocals – Hanno Rigger
Accordion / Vocals / Percussion – Jay Kerry

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