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Lord of the Dance at The Bristol Hippodrome Review

Morgan Comer as the Lord of the Dance in DANGEROUS GAMES credit Brian Doherty (3)

The problem with Flatley’s Lord Of The Dance – Dangerous Games, is that it’s all drenched in a little too much smugness. Michael Flately’s smugness. What could have been a scintillating evening of Irish Dancing and culturally themed performance just didn’t meet expectations.

Yes the dancers and performers were brilliant. Yes the pace moved along well. Yes the costumes were great and the projections on the set good. But there was just something missing. It completely lacked passion.

There is a tenuous goodies and baddies storyline and irritating whistle stitching the fabric of the show together.

At times, with the fantastical projections creating scenes of unicorns or horses running through forests, it was a little like watching an episode of In The Night Garden whilst smoking pot. The only thing missing was the soothing tones of Derek Jacobi.

Then there were the stripping dancers. Completely able female dancers pulling off their costumes to dance in sequined underwear. It is 2015 and completely unnecessary. Where Irish dancing is amazing enough to stand by itself, ladies prancing around in something more befitting of the Swing in Cabaret seemed a little tacky.

However, the roaring applause of the audience would suggest that I was alone in my Night Garden reverie and that for the vast majority of theatre goers, the show was warmly received.

Lord of the Dance is running at the Bristol Hippodrome from now until Satuday 16 May 2015