Mary Anning: Lost in Time Dorset paleontologist’s Tale Brought to Alma Tavern Theatre

  • Show about Dorset paleontologist comes to Alma Tavern Theatre in Bristol this November

Pioneering paleontologist Mary Anning, will have her story told in a new multi-media play coming to the Alma Tavern Theatre in November.

Anning started fossil hunting in Dorset as a child, aiming to boost the family’s income by selling them as curios.

But her discoveries went on to form ground breaking findings, challenging the scientific and religious establishments of Victorian Britain.

This one-act play by Dorset playwright Peter John Cooper, explores the inner conflict Mary had. Set at the end of her life, Mary reflects on her life as she is dying at the age of just 47 years of age.

Mary Anning is played by Jane McKell, with direction by Marta Vella, sound design from Joe Butcher and set and costume design by Tish Mantripp.

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