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Misplaced Theatre Drop Trailer for Doubt: A Parable

The Bristol theatre company will be at the Alma Tavern Theatre in April 2024

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Misplaced Theatre are returning to the stage this year with John Patrick Shanley’s Doubt: A Parable.

The Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award winning show is set in a Bronx Catholic School in 1964.

Severely conservative and fear-inspiring Principal of Saint Nicholas Church School Sister Aloysius, suffers from an extreme loathing of the progressive and popular school priest Father Flynn.

When she learns that the priest has taken ‘special interest’ in a troubled twelve-year old African American student, she sets about uncovering the perceived sexual abuse with a vengeance.

Misplaced Theatre recently dropped a beautifully shot trailer for the show filmed in The Mount Without by Harrison Thorne and Jordan Davies of JGD Photography.

Doubt: A Parable, will be at the Alma Tavern Theatre from 09 – 13 April 2024

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