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Musuem of the Moon Sees Thousands Flock to Bristol Cathedral

More than 65,000 visitors came through the doors of Bristol Cathedral to view Luke Jerram’s Museum of the Moon.

The event which took place in August 2021 and ran for 18 days also raised £13,000 for homelessness charity St Mungo’s.

“We are delighted that Luke Jerram chose to support St Mungo’s with the Museum of the Moon in Bristol this summer,” Lamorna Hooker, from St Mungo’s said.

“It has been an amazing opportunity to introduce St Mungo’s to so many new people and we are honoured to have been associated with such an incredible exhibition. Your generous donations will help us to support even more people who are experiencing homelessness in Bristol; to support people in their recovery journey and prevent homelessness in the future.”

The Museum of the Moon is a 1:500,000 scale model of the moon using NASA photography. It’s printed onto a balloon from Bristol’s Cameron Balloons.

Moon artist Luke Jerram said: “It’s been wonderful to present the Museum of the Moon in my home town. Visiting several times and attending many of the events, it’s been great to meet so many people who’ve come from right around the UK to visit the artwork. Thanks again to the staff and volunteers of the Cathedral for all their hard work, making the exhibition such a success. I met people of all ages and from all walks of life, who’d come to from London, Wales and the North of England specifically to see the Moon.”