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My Soulmate’s Husband’s Soulmate Alma Tavern and Theatre Bristol

Mudlarks Theatre, are bringing their production of My Soulmate’s Husband’s Soulmate to the Alma Tavern and Theatre this April.

The show is billed as an ‘upbeat but bittersweet’ black comedy about romance and fate and the ways we’re taught to think about love.

One day, the world wakes up just knowing that soulmates exist. Happily married Erin and Adrian are baffled when Johan arrives on their doorstep for Erin, so they go on a road trip to search for Adrian’s soulmate. But he’s not quite sure where to start looking.

My Soulmate’s Husband’s Soulmate will be at the Alma Tavern and Theatre on 12-13 April 2022.

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