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New Adventures Online Class with Etta Murfitt

New Adventures Online Class with Etta Murfitt Will Stream on Wednesday 01 April Via Instagram

New Adventures shows may be off stage for the moment, but they are exploring new and exciting ways to enhance their online digital engagement.

On Wednesday 01 April at 10am, Associate Artistic Director Etta Murfitt, will be hosting an online class with New Adventures dancers, which people can take part in at home.

The 45 minute sessions are aimed at professionals and those currently training, but invites anyone who fancies taking part to join in – though warns that it’s important to take necessary precautions to stay safe.

Etta says: ⁣“Class is vital to keep our dancers fit and injury free. It’s also a time for our company dancers to refine their technique and to connect and say hi to each other before the rest of the day continues. This is a wonderful chance to see what types of class we do as a company and also for you to enjoy dancing within the comfort of your own home. Get your sweat on and enjoy breathing with your movement, moving in an easy but challenging way. You’ll find your curves, your releases and lengthen through the body.”⁣⁣⁣
The class will be live streamed from the New Adventures’ Instagram page, with more activities to be announced through their social media platforms: