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Peter Pan Goes Wrong Cardiff New Theatre

Peter Pan Goes Wrong Cardiff:

If you love any of the Goes Wrong series of plays, of which there are now many, Peter Pan Goes Wrong is a funny, funny night out at the theatre.

It follows in the theme of The Play That Goes Wrong, where if something can go wrong, it does. But it’s not a carbon copy on a theme. We’ve got an additional time and space disaster dimension which includes flight and a revolving stage. What could possibly go wrong? Well everything in this laugh-a-second show.

Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society’s attempt to stage J.M. Barrie’s classic Peter Pan, is brilliantly disastrous. If you think any of it is an exaggeration, I have seen some of the things that happen actually occur on stage in live professional and amateur performances.

The play is currently on a UK tour and is a definitely Must-See.

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