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Poetical Life of Philomena McGuinness at Alma Tavern Theatre Bristol

True stories of Irish nurses during World War Two, are the inspiration for the Poetical Life of Philomena McGuinness, which is at the Alma Tavern Theatre in Bristol.

The show will be at the Clifton venue this year following five-star reviews and critical acclaim at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2022.

Philomena McGuinness is a reluctant nurse on her way from Dublin to London. She has been newly recruited for the British war effort. However, at heart, she is also a poet.

Can one live a life true to the poetry inside them when they are constantly being defined by their role in the war? The play asks.

The show, from Moon Rabbit Theatre, is written by Joshua King and performed by Jasmin Gleeson.

The Poetical Life of Philomena McGuinness will be at the Alma Tavern Theatre from Tuesday 28 February – Wednesday 01 March 2023.

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