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Priscilla Queen of the Desert by BMCC at The Redgrave Theatre Bristol

Priscilla Queen of the Desert
The Redgrave Theatre

If you weren’t savvy enough to buy tickets for Priscilla Queen of the Desert months ago, then you have missed out on something truly spectacular.

This outstanding production from Bristol Musical Comedy Club (BMCC) shows how brilliant home grown theatre can be.

High production values, great lighting, an incredible rotating party bus, solid Australian accents, flamboyant costuming and beautiful acting throughout makes this a 2018 theatre highlight.

For those who don’t know the show, it’s based on the 1994 Australian film of the same name. It’s a road trip movie following drag queens Tick and Felicia with transgender Bernadette as they travel across Australia in party bus Priscilla.

Tick unbeknownst to the others will be meeting his secret son for the first time after being hired by his ex wife to perform a drag act in Alice Springs. It’s a funny show, full of sass, colour, but also has dark moments.

And that was Will Ferris’ energetic portrayal of the chaotic Adam/Felicia – full of sass, colour and chaos, but completely able to open up the vulnerable side of the character in the show’s most bleakest moments.

David Baxter was perfect as angst ridden Tick. His final scene with Benji his son played by Desmond Coghlan-Forbes was just lovely.

And of course, there’s the classy and refined Bernadette, played to champagne swilling perfection by Matthew Harper. Hoovering up the spilt cremated remains of her beloved Trumpet with a hand held vacuum was superb.

Michaela Murthwaite as Cynthia, made me laugh until I cried with the well directed ping pong ball scene.

In fact, the direction throughout was flawless, allowing the natural drama and tension space to play out, whilst also embracing the lavish musical numbers.

The principles are backed by a showstopping ensemble and of course, The big-voiced Divas, richly performed by Kim Brook, Chelsie Hemmings and Rachel Taylor.

Priscilla is a truly uplifting musical with important messages, iconic songs and quite frankly just what this country needs, a cock in a frock on a rock.

Priscilla Queen of the Desert is at The Redgrave Theatre until Saturday 12 May 2018, but if you are after tickets, best be hunting the Facebook community sites.


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