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REVIEW: Crazy For You Redgrave Theatre Review

Crazy For You Bristol Musical Theatre Review:

The Redgrave Theatre

There was certainly plenty of rhythm and music in this upbeat production of rom com musical Crazy For You by Bristol Musical Theatre at The Redgrave Theatre last night.

With a clever set putting the rousing orchestra at the heart of the show, the Gershwin musical moved between dusty theatres and smokey bars, enhanced by Ingrid Mengdehl and Edith Hermann’s clever set design.

It’s a classic tale of boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl back again. There’s a touch of class kerfuffle and a healthy dose of following your heart and your dreams in this non-taxing story.

I’ve never failed to be impressed with the quality of production that community theatre can create here in Bristol. It’s inspiring to see a cast and creative team from a variety of the city’s backgrounds, create something magical that is often lacking in commercial musical theatre. That’s a mix of passion, energy, love and talent that doesn’t translate to big productions.

The intimacy of the Redgrave Theatre’s stage also helps to focus the audience’s attention in all the right places. It’s a great space to tell a story.

Beyond the principal cast, there’s a busy ensemble of characters filling the stage. From the feather-fanned Follies to the straw chewing Cowboys, to the The Ensemble, tasked with creating the community of post gold rush Deadrock, Nevada.

Josh Bayton takes the role of Bobby Child, the rich banker’s son with a taste for theatre. He couldn’t do right for wrong opposite Kat Stokes’ Polly Baker, who nails the role like a 60’s Hayley Mills.

As well as full score of showstopping numbers – Slap That Bass and I Got Rhythm being highlights – quieter moments are as well directed.

Bayton is a perfect match to Dominic Ammerlaan’s Bela Zangler. The Act Two mirror scene was as smooth as Duck Soup.

Bristol Musical Theatre are staging the Gershwin musical until Saturday 04 May 2019.

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