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Review: The Midnight Mission Brave Bold Drama at The Wardrobe Theatre

  • Review of The Midnight Mission by Brave Bold Drama at The Wardrobe Theatre on Sunday 06 November 2022

This clever, multi-layered children’s show not only entertained an enthusiastic family audience with its Scooby Doo meets Cluedo mystery story, it’s also an important lesson in crediting creatives for their work. I was surprised to be citing The Midnight Mission, in discussion this morning to illustrate what might happen should someone pass off somebody’s else’s work as their own.

The Midnight Mission is an interactive piece of theatre, bringing audiences into the heart of the action when the Company of International Artists are called upon to save a piece of art in danger. Agents Kahla and Dali spring into action when they are called to a spooky mansion to save a piece of art which has mysteriously become damaged.

Pack handed out to the audience at The Wardrobe Theatre

The smart set up starts with one of the agents handing out packs to audience members during the incoming. These contain byte sized information about Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and if memory serves me correctly, Polidori’s The Vampyre. There’s also a mini code to crack and a table tennis bat painted white on one side to enable a simple way of audience voting to Choose Your Adventure throughout the show.

The performance is peppered with a lot of memorable facts about Byron, Mary Shelley and John William Polidori, whose three portraits are the subject of strange activity at midnight each night. But what of the CCTV? And is it the caretaker behind the mayhem? And what of the dastardly great something granddaughter of Lord Byron #feelingblessed with her poetry retreat for the rich?

At the striking of the clock, books are flung from the shelf, the smell of wine permeates the air and the portraits are found out of place. My money was on the caretaker, at midnight, using the secret passage to come back from the pub – thus creating the smell of wine and knocking things over. Luckily I didn’t have money riding on the outcome, because this gently spooky story twists and turns to a surprising conclusion.

The Midnight Mission has been created and staged by Brave Bold Drama, a company who knows exactly how to write shows for children that have a slightly educational element underpinning the entertainment without youngsters realising.

As is typical for fringe shows at The Wardrobe Theatre, this is where you find innovative and highly creative staging. I particularly loved the genius use of the Overhead Projector integrated into the storytelling and by extension, the clever way an erupting volcano was projected.

The Midnight Mission is a bright and fun piece of immersive theatre for families. It entertains, informs, allows youngsters to make decisions and brings quality and innovative storytelling to the stage.

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