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Review: Two, Four, Six, Eight! Shoofly Theatre Wardrobe Theatre Bristol

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Incredibly simple, yet with great precision in its execution, this gentle children’s show takes youngsters on a warm and fuzzy journey through simple numeracy within an accessible context.

Craig has been invited to the birthday party of two of his friends. Craig loves numbers, hunting them out and incorporating them into the everyday.

Craig is in fact Craig Edwards, a stalwart Bristol actor with an incredible playing range who has been creating high quality children’s theatre in the city for years.

As Shoofly Theatre, he has teamed up with designer Katie Sykes. Both of them have worked on some of the best Bristol developed theatre during the last ten years through Travelling Light.

Before the show starts, Craig is already on stage. He is the master of non-verbal communication already engaging children in his world from the minute they enter the auditorium.

Two, Four, Six Eight! is aimed at children aged around 3-8 years of age. The younger children enjoyed joining in with the numbers element. Older children loved the slapstick nature incorporated into the wrapping of paper, which introduces the idea of measurement, space and shape. My accompanying 12-year-old found the whole thing hysterically funny and was impressed with the show’s construction and execution from an acting perspective.

Indeed, it was impressive watching something that felt incredibly natural but behind that facade was highly choreographed with precision timing to music.

This quirky show flew through its 45 minutes, enthralling and entertaining its audience. Shoofly Theatre takes the show into schools. I can’t think of a better way to engage young learners with numeracy at such a critical age.

Theatre has a magical way of reaching children who cannot access learning through traditional methods. This is definitely the perfect way to keep on inspiring children with drama and the arts as well as show that numbers can be fun.

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