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Save The Barn Theatre Cirencester Coronavirus Leaves Theatre Industry in Chaos

The Barn Theatre Cirencester Launches Campaign to Save its Future

The repercussions of Coronavirus in the theatre industry has hit the Barn Theatre in Cirencester, with the arts venue the latest to look at ways of safeguarding its future.

Yesterday’s statement by the Prime Minster sent shock waves through the arts world after Boris Johnson said that everyone should avoid gatherings and crowded places – including theatres.  But, the wording of the advice has not given venues the chance to safeguard their future or their staff.

The Barn Theatre is the latest in a line of arts venues which has been forced to close as well as look at ways of protecting its future.

Theatre founder Ian Carling said today: “My wife (Chrissie) and I have backed this project because we could see what it and could do for this town and local area. Theatre and the opportunities it gives young people means so much to us and we would hate to see this lost due to the current pandemic. We couldn’t be more proud of the awards we have won, the plaudits for our productions, but most of all the team, we could lose all of this, it would be so sad.”

The theatre’s Built by Barn production of Ben Hur will close this week along with the venue until further notice.

Box office staff will be contacting ticket holders to discuss options.

The theatre does not get funding from either the Local Authority or Arts Council, estimating they will lose upwards of £250,000 over the coming months forcing the venue to close.

In response, The Barn Theatre has launched donations campaign Save Our Barn. Donations can be made at the Barn Theatre box office on 01285 648255  or online at