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Somerset Theatre Group Gasps Booking Now for Sinders

A brand new Somerset theatre group will be bringing an adult pantomime to audiences next year.

Sinders, will be performed by Glastonbury And Street Pottymouth Squad (GASPS) and tour to seven Somerset locations between 19 – 28 January 2023.

The new group will be donating all ticket sales to Glastonbury and Street Musical Comedy Society (GSMCS) as a fundraising way of preserving musical theatre in South West locations isolated from major venues.

Show creators say shows will follow a traditional pantomime story with familiar characters with a ‘naughty twist’.

Elaborating, producer Laura Vernoum says: “We’re really excited to be bringing panto to Somerset – but not a panto like most have come to expect. This will have the smut, rudeness and cheekiness that you simply can’t perform in a family show. It will be strictly for adults only; there will be some swearing, there will be mickey-taking, there will be some flesh, and there will be lots of gasps, so if you’re a prude, easily offended or take yourself too seriously, our shows won’t be for you.”

So far, dates have been announced at West Pennard, Wedmore, Edington, Edgar (Somerton) and Glastonbury Town Halls, with tickets on sale now.

For more information about the company, show or to book, visit: