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Tender Napalm Comes to Tobacco Factory Theatres

Bristol company Shipwrecks and Dreams, is bringing Tender Napalm to the Spielman Theatre at Tobacco Factory Theatres this June.

The extraordinary play by Philip Ridley, is a journey and discovery of love, loss and hope all wrapped up in visionary poetic language.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to see the work in an intimate setting, which brings you really close to the emotional heart of the piece.

A man. A woman. An island. A fight for the kingdom, for human dignity and to make sense of a dying world. A journey to understand the beauty and horror of their sexual attraction. Buried trauma leading to unexpected places. How did they, and the world around them, come to this? Is he the Messiah of an alien race? Is she descended from a Sea God? And who controls the horde of monkeys?

At times it feels like a fever dream yet also makes complete sense. Definitely one to watch.

Shipwrecks and Dreams say they ‘seek to create bold, challenging, heartfelt work,’ believing in the ‘power of the spoken word’.

Tender Napalm will be at the Spielman Theatre at Tobacco Factory Theatres on 01 and 02 June 2024

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