Tethered Alma Tavern and Theatre This September

Tethered, a surreal comedy from ChewBoy Productions, is hitting the Alma Tavern and Theatre this month. It comes to Bristol following a successful run at the Lion and Unicorn Theatre in London – where the company are associate artists.

ChewBoy Productions specialises in multi-arts production, creating surrealist work which aims to give the audience a good laugh as well as something to ‘chew’ over long after the performance has finished.

George and Hal are putting on a play. They’re playing Moins and Sans. George needs it to be perfect. Hal’s fallen out of love with it. As the pair traverse through their madcap story of party hats, balloons and mysterious messages, the actors are forced to question many things. Like, how far would we go to keep ourselves sane when trapped in one place for too long? How much do we rely on each other? And how do you pronounce Moins?

Tethered is Written by Georgie Bailey, with direction by Lucy Betts and performed by Hal Darling and Georgie Bailey.

It will be at the Alma Tavern and Theatre on 15 and 16 September 2021. The show starts at 8pm each night and runs at 60 minutes

For more information about the show, visit: www.chewboyproductions.com

For more information about the Alma Tavern and Theatre, visit: https://www.almatavernandtheatre.co.uk/

Direct booking link: https://www.tickettailor.com/events/almatheatrecompany/561293/