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The Barn Theatre’s Christmas Show Opens in Cirencester

The Barn Theatre’s Christmas production The Brothers Grimm Present: Cinderella has opened at the Cirencester venue

The theatre has released new photos of the premiere of their brand new show – The Brothers Grimm Present: Cinderella.

The new work is a musical play written by Alan Pollock, composed and arranged by Tarek Merchant with direction from Francesca Goodridge.

The show runs until 02 January 2022.

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Jesse Ashby as Jakob, The Father, Regent, Scarecrow and Stepmother,
Matthew Romain as Wilhelm, Tom and Prince
Tanya Bridgeman as Girl (Cinderella)
Emily Panes as Anastasia and Jester 1
Anna Fordham as Drusilla and Jester 2
Elzbieta Kalicka as Ensemble
Celia Cruwys-Finnigan as Ensemble

Written by Alan Pollock
Composed & arranged by Tarek Merchant
Directed by Francesca Goodridge
Design by Cory Shipp
Musical direction by Dylan Townley
Movement direction by Jodie Cole and Christina Fulcher
Casting direction by Polly Jerrold
Lighting design by Sam Rowcliffe-Tanner
Sound design by Harry Smith
Animation by Barn Digital Media

Photos: Alex Tabrizi