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The Crow Girl Filming in Bristol

Filming around central Bristol believed to be for The Crow Girl

If you’ve seen police around the old Bank of England building on the edge of Castle Park this week, it’s not the new headquarters for Trinity Road. The building is once again being used for filming. This time it is believed to be for new TV series The Crow Girl.

Crews have been spotted at both the location on Wine Street as well as in and around St Jude’s.

The Crow Girl, is a new six part thriller series from Paramount+ UK & Ireland. It stars Eve Myles, Katherine Kelly and Dougray Scott in lead roles.

Buccaneer has adapted the series from a trilogy of novels by Erik Axl Sund.

The discovery of a teenage boy’s body sees DCI Jeanette Kilburn – played by Eve Myles – joins forces with psychotherapist Sophia Craven to hunt the killer. The pair uncover a series of shocking events which have gone overlooked for decades – as well as evidence of police corruption. With the body count rising, they are dragged into the depths of the murders whilst an intimacy forms between them.

The series is directed by Charles Martin and Rebecca Rycroft, with Andy Mosse as producer.

Joining the cast are Clara Rugaard as Victoria Burkeman, Victoria Hamilton as Superintendent Verity Pound, Elliot Edusah is DC Mike Dilliston, Chloe Sweetlove plays Madeleine Burkeman and Lee Boardman is David White.

The Crow Girl will be available exclusively on Paramount+ in the UK & Ireland.
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