Bristol Theatre News

The Fish’s Wishes

19th-21st May 2009

Tobacco Factory Theatre



Billed as a philosophical cabaret for the very young, The Fish’s Wishes is about a little fish breaking free from a glass of water. After escaping a cat attack,  he begins to explore and question the world around him. On one level it makes absolute sense, and on another it makes no sense at all.

It’s gentle, charming and clever with touches of slapstick, clowning, singing and magic. The fish encourages plenty of audience interaction, and takes leads from the children’s answers.

The children in the audience really responded to it, loving the chance to hear the sound of their own voice and opinions in what is usually a behaviour restricted context. There were some clever answers popping out the mouths of pre-school children, though the moment when a young child declared the saddest thing they could think of was “when my dog died” nearly bought the tea party down from the ceiling.

This is perfect for four year olds and those about to start school. The spectacle will captivate younger audience members, and some toddlers were clearly spotted dancing away to the music.

It’s good to see theatre with purpose aimed at those so young, taking their everyday concepts, turning them on their head and then questioning them. The Fish’s Wishes almost warrants a second visit to decide whether it is pure genius or total craziness. If you want your child to grow up challenging and questioning the world around them, this is the place to start.