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The Red Lodge Museum in Bristol

Bristol Museum that’s hidden in plain sight

The Red Lodge Museum, is one of those amazing places in Bristol that doesn’t seem to be on the wider radar of the city.

Part of it dates back as far as 1580, with a stunning Great Oak Room, which took two years to be carved back in the day.

The Red Lodge was extended into a home for the Henley family back in the 1720s.

After that, Mary Carpenter and Lady Byron, transformed the lodge into a Victorian Reform School.

As well as the house, there is a beautiful garden called the ‘knot Garden’. This space was restored during the eighties, to show how it could have looked when the lodge was built.

The Well at the Red Lodge Museum, discovered in 2010

This museum is well worth a visit, with its stunning oak carvings and recently discovered creepy 40 ft deep well.

The Red Lodge Museum is open on selected days up to the 31 December 2024.

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