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The Spice Girls Cardiff 2019 May Throwback

The Spice Girls Cardiff 2019 Monday 27 May:

For many, getting Spice Girls tickets for their 2019 tour proved to be a challenge. Not being a fan, yet tasked with the important job of purchasing tickets for their concert at Ashton Gate in Bristol on a fan’s behalf ended up in disaster. The date quickly sold out with no tickets in the basket, a theme much bemoaned across Twitter.

Luckily, the Bristol Spice Girls fan who did want to see the show managed to secure seats in Cardiff. This began the ridiculous situation whereby fans in Bristol who couldn’t get seats at Ashton Gate had to traipse across the bridge to Cardiff and vice versa.

Despite the heavy handed slating the band received in the press concerning poor quality sound, the bad reviews were unfounded. Not being a Spice Girls fan with no particular desire to defend the band, I found myself actually quite impressed. Baby, Sporty, Scary and Ginger Spice, put on a fabulous show of their greatest hits – of which there is many. Punctuated with flamboyant costume changes, the four singers knew how to put on an energetic show and entertain the huge crowd of fans.

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