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The Wardrobe Theatre Coronavirus Closure and Donations Campaign

The Wardrobe Theatre Coronavirus Closure and Donations Campaign Launched

The Wardrobe Theatre in Bristol, has announced its closure, potentially until 23 May 2020 and is also asking for donations from the public to help it remain open in the future.

In a statement, the theatre said that ‘arts and culture is in a desperate situation’. The theatre itself has never received any regular funding, relying only on ticket sales to cover all costs.

Ticket holders for cancelled performances will be contacted to exchange for a rescheduled performance, a credit for a future show or a full refund.

But the venue is asking people to consider turning their ticket into a donation.

Continuing, the theatre said: ‘Whilst we are closed, we want to support and honour agreements with the artists and companies whose shows we had coming up, freelancers who are suddenly losing all their income for foreseeable future. We have a page on our website for donations and any money received will be shared between the artists and the theatre to ensure there still is a Wardrobe Theatre post coronavirus. If you are in a position to donate, please do.’

Donations to the theatre can be made at: