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There Was A Little Girl at The Wardrobe Theatre Bristol

There Was A Little Girl sees Millie and her alter-ego Michael, travel through the quagmire of female stereotypes, exploring what it meant to oppose the female narrative of a Nuts driven culture in the 90s and noughties.

The show has been created by Millie Wood-Downie, an award-winning, queer, freelance artist/producer and poet who works at the cross section of activism, live performance and creative experiences in both theatre and immersive events.

She describes her one-person show as a ‘part quest, part drag, part bingo’ exploring a new approach to gender discourse.

“I started making this show when I began to feel uncomfortable about how I had previously described myself as being “not like other girls,” Millie says. “I wanted to explore where that ideology had come from and why I felt so strongly about being seen as different to any female stereotype. Growing up in the late 90s and 00s meant our generation bridged the transition from trash magazines to instagram and everything in between, absorbing uncountable tropes of what little girls and women were meant to be like. As a child I rejected that, climbing all the way to the other side of the spectrum with my male alter-ego, Michael.”

Millie calls the show is an ‘exploration of the complexities of gender’ and the difficulties of that in a binary society. She says she hopes the show sparks wider conversations about gender expectation.

There Was a Little Girl at The Wardrobe Theatre Bristol

Further show information: The show is described as being for all people who have lived experience as a female, girl or woman, aged 16+. It is for all people who have lived experience of misogyny, especially those that are ready to explore their role within that. It is for the intersectional LGBTQIA+ community who have not only inspired this show but constantly lead the way for people to celebrate their identity. It is for those who want to learn about the complexities of gender, and for those who already know and want to celebrate it. It is for those who regularly attend theatre, solo shows and drag and for those who would like to try it for the first time.

There Was A Little Girl will be at The Wardrobe Theatre on 17 November 2022

Cast and Creatives
Created & Produced by Millie Wood-Downie (she/her)
Directed by Grace Church (she/her)
Set & Costume Designer: Daisy Blower (she/her)
Lighting Designer: Amy Daniels (she/her)
Sound Designer: Liv Lynch (she/her)
Associate Sound Designer: Oli Samways (he/him)
Video Designer: Emily Badescu (she/her)
Song Composer: Jac Cooper (he/him)
Producing Consultant: Beth Sitek (she/they)
Technical Stage Manager: Amy Daniels (she/her)
Poster Artwork: Gem D’Souza (she/her)
Marketing: Cup of Ambition
Artist Wellbeing Practitioner: Nikki Disney
Featured Image Photo Credit: Danny Cozens

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