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This Week: Cycles by The Scullions at Alma Tavern Theatre

This week at the Alma Tavern Theatre, The Scullions Neoterics bring Cycles, a play inspired by Oscar Wenman-Hyde’s film of the same name.

The play is one about identity, relationships and self-acceptance, highlighting how generational trauma causes inner lasting affects as well as affecting how we move through the world.

‘Barney and Jake didn’t have a father figure growing up, therefore their relationship is more than just brotherhood, it leans towards a parent-child relationship. This is particularly challenging when Jake is sent to collect Barney from university after he has been expelled.

‘Barney and Sarah are in a long-term relationship, they met at university and seemed to want the same things out of life. Their once fun-filled relationship has taken a more serious turn as Sarah longs to have a baby, but she isn’t getting pregnant as quickly as she had hoped.’

Cycles is suitable for young adults aged 16 years upwards. It will be at the Alma Tavern Theatre in Bristol on 19 February and 20 February 2023 and has a running time of one hour with no interval.

For more information or to book, visit:
For more information about The Scullions, visit: www.thescullions

Luke Ashley-Tame
Nicholas Downton-Cooper
Pollyanna Druce

Writers: India Rodgers, Nicholas Downton-Cooper and Luke Ashley-Tame
Director: Phoebe Mulcahy

Contents Warning
Contains themes and discussions of depression, discussion/attempts of Suicide, Fertility issues, Miscarriage, Blood, Emotional distress, Cancer, parental abandonment and the death of a family member.

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