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Tobacco Factory Theatres Future Secured with Lease

Tobacco Factory Theatres has seen its future secured after being given a free 999 year lease by building owner George Ferguson.

The South Bristol theatre has been part of the building since Ferguson bought the building in 1993, to save it from demolition. He turned it into a mixed use development with the theatre on the first floor becoming its heart.

In 2005, the independent charity Tobacco Factory Arts Trust launched, successfully bringing and producing high quality theatre to Bristol ever since.

“It has always been my intention that the Tobacco Factory should benefit the wider South Bristol community long after I have gone,” Owner of Tobacco Factory, George Ferguson said.

“I felt that the time has come to start that process. It has been a fascinating experiment in local regeneration and I hope the Tobacco Factory Arts Trust continues to do great things for the next 999 years!”

Artistic Director Mike Tweddle and Executive Director David Dewhurst said: “This hugely generous gift from George Ferguson empowers us as we celebrate two decades of ambitious growth and experimentation, and share a vision for the decades ahead. We are more motivated than ever to continue creating extraordinary creative adventures for the people of Bristol and beyond.”

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Image Left to Right: George Ferguson, Mike Tweddle, Sarah Smith, David Dewhurst
Photo Credit: Craig Fuller