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Tobacco Factory Theatres Launch Heralds Return of Favourite Show

Bristol’s Tobacco Factory Theatres launched their brand new Christmas to May 2020 season in the Spielman Theatre last night, heralding in an impressive season of performances from old favourites to ground breaking new productions.

Community, accessibility and young people was a strong message from a theatre that has worked hard to include local people from across the south of the city and consistently offer opportunities to newcomers trying to break into the world of producing, directing and acting.

Amongst the Christmas entertainment, the challenging and fun of Mayfest and a strong line-up of comedy, an much-loved production from 2017 makes a welcome return.

Beauty and the Beast, a hit collaboration between New International Encounter and Cambridge Junction will be returning for a summer run. The show will be at the theatre from Wednesday 15 July – Sunday 02 August 2020.

Our 2017 review of Beauty and the Beast:

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