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Tommy’s Waffle Club Brings Comedy Games To The Wardrobe

Have you ever wanted to compete in a gameshow or perform on stage? Tommy’s Waffle Club could be your opportunity.

Billed as a ‘friendly, inclusive show’ that encourages participation from the audience, you can get the chance to take part in hilarious and unpredictable quiz rounds. They are led by each contestant with prizes up for grabs.

Tom Rolfe is the creator of Tommy’s Waffle Club. “Games Night is my attempt to squeeze our lovely community comedy night into an over-the-top bells-and-whistles points-and-prizes quiz show format,” he says.

“They said it couldn’t be done. Actually, I think they said it shouldn’t be done. Either way, I’m doing it.”

The show aims at being ‘super welcoming’ as well as ‘compelling’ entertainment. It includes five local performers as well as the promise of spinning prize wheels.

The line-up includes

Shirley Halse from Alternative Book Club 
David Hoare from quiz podcast Is This Enough
Sarah Twomey from the cathedral city cheese ads 
Eve Bee from Owl on the Roof Theatre
Alice Lamb from the improvised soap Closer Each Day

Tommy’s Waffle Club is at The Wardrobe Theatre on Sunday 26 November 2023

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