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Unicornfest Hits Bristol – The Bristol Unicorn Trail Starts This Summer

It’s been a hugely exciting few months watching artists at work in The Galleries, bringing to life 60 unicorns which will hit the streets of Bristol this summer.

It’s all for Bristol Unicornfest, a public arts trail the type of which Bristol residents love to embrace. In previous years, the city has hosted arts trails with pianos, gorillas, Shaun the Sheep and Wallace and Gromit.

The magical horses will also be located in other selected areas in the region. Members of the public will be able to hunt out them out by using an app or paper map which will launch shortly.

IKEA in Eastville will have a number of unicorn foals in their store for a mini trail of of its own. The store will also be hosting themed family events and arts and crafts for children.

A huge range of artistic styles decorate the unicorns, which stand at the size of a real horse. Together, they create a summer festival vibe – although some will have an important message.

At a launch in Bristol this morning, CEO of Leukaemia Care, Zack Pemberton-Whiteley said that some unicorns will be helping people to learn more about leukaemia, which is a blood cancer causing around 300,000 deaths worldwide every year.

At the end of the summer event, the unicorns will all be united at Propyard for a Farewell Festival on 23 – 24 September. After this, an auction will take place on Thursday 05 October 2023. Proceeds from the sale of the unicorns will go to Leukaemia Care.

Photographs: Mister Smith Media

Bristol Unicornfest will run from 03 July – 03 September 2023

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