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Theatre Access: the egg theatre aims to make every show accessible to all. They ask patrons to get in contact with a minimum three weeks’ notice to provide a signed, audio described or relaxed performance.

Little Gift
08- 11 March

A friendship waiting to grow.
An old soul lives alone.
He likes it that way.
It’s quieter and safer.

One day, a surprise visitor plants a little seed of hope and turns this lonely life upside down. Told with exquisite puppetry, original music and a whole lot of heart, Little Gift is a brand-new story from multi award-winners M6 Theatre and Andy Manley. This visual feast brings light into the darkest season of the year ‘Leaders in their  field’ Children’s Theatre Reviews

All performances of this show are suitable for children with various sensory and communication disorders or learning difficulties.

Chef Gherkin the egg theatre bath

Chef Gherkin and his Magic Mixing Machine
Thursday 14 – Friday 15 March

A French chef and his magic mixing machine – a culinary match made in Heaven. But what delectable delight will he create when he is visited by the fussiest of eaters…Princess Pompusknickers!

All performances of this show are suitable for children with various sensory and communication disorders or learning difficulties.

How to catch a star the egg theatre bath

How to Catch a Star
Saturday 16 – Sunday 24 March

Once there was a boy who was always looking up. He dreamt of having a star as a friend. This is the story of his adventure.

Based on the beloved book by award-winning Irish author Oliver Jeffers, this non-verbal adaptation combines puppetry and a magical original score by Colm Mac Con Iomaire. Directed by Marc Mac Lochlainn, Branar’s signature storytelling creates a show that reminds us all to follow our dreams.

This show was created with support from the Arts Council of Ireland and is kindly supported by Culture Ireland.

All performances of this show are suitable for children with various sensory and communication disorders or learning difficulties. It is also suitable for any deaf or hard of hearing patrons as it is non-verbal.

Romeo and juliet the egg theatre bath

Romeo & Juliet
02 – 07 April

Following the company’s sell-out visit in Spring 2018, Box Clever returns with their thrilling adaptations of two of Shakespeare’s best loved works. Michael Wicherek’s adaptation fully realises the characters of the lovers and brings to life their world: the sound, heat and colour of Verona, the dark threat of the feud between their families and the ever-increasing speed at which events hurry the lovers to their inevitable doom. It also, through the inclusion of the Narrator ensures that Romeo and Juliet themselves do not remain literary creations distant from the 21st century.

Macbeth at the egg bath

05 – 06 April

Vibrant language and physical theatre chart the devastating effect that one act of evil can have on an otherwise honourable and loyal man – we see how the ripples of that act spread to destroy both Macbeth himself and all those for whom he cared. As their actions are challenged by a third character who also brings the wider world of the play to life, Macbeth and his wife are seen to become ever more prey to the devastating horrors they have unleashed as they move inevitably towards their doom.

folk lore the egg theatre bath

Folk Lore
11 – 13 April

For we were up as soon as any day-O, And for to fetch the summer home

The summer and the May-O
For summer is a-come-O, And winter is a-gone-O

It is uncertain times for the collective nations of Great Britain. The people are labelled divided, rootless, without an anchor in their own culture. Particularly the English.

And yet this year, as with every other year, thousands will descend on the small town of Helston, Cornwall, to celebrate Flora Day. Dancing through the streets and singing the mysterious ‘Hal-an-Tow’, they will take part in the oldest English folk custom still practised today – one whose roots are shrouded in mystery.

Theatre Royal Bath Theatre School explore an elusive cultural heritage through traditional story, song, and dance. Can we answer any questions about our future by looking back into the mists of our past?

Set within the egg auditorium, Folk Lore will begin at a secret outside location, to be confirmed.

the sun the moon and the coffee pot egg theatre bath

The Sun, The Moon and the Coffee Pot
Tuesday 23 – Wednesday 24 April

A mischievous sun wants to play! She decides that if she could just stop the night time, we could all stay up and play….always. Join us for this original tale about balance. ‘A fantastic production and excellent adaptation‘ Head of English, Winton Community Academy

All performances of this show are suitable for children with various sensory and communication disorders or learning difficulties.

Kid carpet noisy holiday the egg theatre bath

Noisy Holiday

The Noisy Animals are looking forward to their dream holidays and have some brilliant ideas about where in the world they want to go. Kid Carpet just wants them all to be together but will he be able to keep everyone happy when he can’t even get them in the car?

This lively mix of music, theatre, comedy, puppetry and animation includes new tracks from Kid Carpet including Rollercoaster, Swimming with the Fishes and Get in the Car.

A ridiculous and funny story of going on your holidays with silliness and mischief for the whole family. Expect diving bears, massive carrots and Ibiza anthems.

Ed Patrick (aka Kid Carpet), is a Bristol-based maker of nonsense music and rock’n’roll theatre.

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