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Down Cemetery Road Filming in Bristol for Apple TV +

60Forty Films have been set dressing in St Nicholas Market this week

It’s a rare day in Bristol you don’t trip over a film crew whilst out and about, particularly in central Bristol and Clifton areas. Bristol’s film industry has really taken off between Bristol Film Office and The Bottle Yard Studios.

You might have noticed some changes on Corn Street this week.

Down Cemetery Road is being filmed in Bristol

60Forty Films have been shaking up St Nicholas Market and Corn Street this week, transforming Cafe Revival into a newsagents for the filming of Down Cemetery Road.

The production for Apple TV+ stars Emma Thompson as Zoë Boehm and Ruth Wilson as Sarah Tucker.

It has been adapted by Morwenna Banks from Mick Herron’s novel of the same name into an eight part thriller.

When a house explodes in quiet suburban Oxford, and a girl disappears in the aftermath, Sarah Tucker becomes obsessed with finding her. As Sarah becomes tangled in a deadly conspiracy, it’s grief-stricken private detective Zoë Boehm who will help Sarah uncover the truth.
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